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Did you know that tooth decay is the leading chronic disease among children six and older? How about the fact that gum disease affects over 64,000,000 Americans? When it comes to dental complications, they are highly preventable. At Surprise Pediatric Dentistry we believe that preventive dental care is essential for all of our patients. We are proud to offer dental examinations and cleanings in Surprise, AZ for all of our patients and recommend that you schedule a routine visit for your children with us at least twice a year. Ready to schedule a dental examination and teeth cleaning near you? Contact Surprise Pediatric Dentistry, we would be more than happy to get your children on our schedule.

About Dental Cleanings

Did you know that most people miss hard to reach areas in their mouth, creating the perfect environment for debris, bacteria, plaque and even tartar to hide? At Surprise Pediatric Dentistry we have the tools, experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your mouth is clean, from corner to corner. Routine dental cleanings in Surprise, AZ can greatly reduce your risk for bad breath, tooth decay, cavity formation, oral infections and even periodontal gum disease. Schedule your dental cleaning nearby today!

About Dental Examinations

Would you be able to diagnose gingivitis if your child was suffering? For many patients, the answer is no. However, at Surprise Pediatric Dentistry we have years of education, experience and knowledge dealing with a wide range of conditions. During a dental examination in Surprise, AZ, we thoroughly examine your smile, gums and overall oral health to check for any complications or risk factors. Based on our findings, a treatment plan can be created to address any issues we may find.

Schedule Surprise, AZ Dental Exam & Cleaning Today

When is the last time your child had a routine oral examination and dental cleaning in Surprise, AZ? If they haven’t visited a professional for routine dental care in at least 6 months, give us a call today at Surprise Pediatric Dentistry. We would be more than happy to get your children on our schedule for some routine, professional care.

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