Stocking Stuffers for Healthy Teeth

The holidays are a season filled with joy and love. And sugar. The holidays are generally filled with pies, puddings, and candy. There’s nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while and letting yourself enjoy the holiday season. But with all of the sugar that you and your children are consuming during these last two months of the year, you may want to swap some of the candy in their stockings with a few healthier options.

Sugar free gum

This is a great alternative to candy. It’s still sweet, but the xylitol contained in sugar free gum is much better for teeth than sugar, and won’t wear down the enamel on their little teeth. Try fun, fruity flavors for your youngest children, and mint gum for your older children and teens.

Crazy flavored toothpaste

Your child may initially groan when they see they were gifted toothpaste, but their dismay will disappear when they realize their toothpaste tastes like cotton candy. There are so many wacky toothpaste flavors to choose from to surprise your child with. You can choose from flavors like bubble gum, chocolate, and even bacon! There will be something that will tickle your child’s taste buds and they’ll totally forget about the fact that there isn’t as much candy at the bottom of their stocking as usual.


Fruit still contains sugar, and acidic fruits like citrus can wear away the enamel on their teeth, but it’s still a better option than a bar of chocolate. An apple is a perfect selection, as it’s actually good for their teeth, and can even help clean their teeth. Bonus: Fruit tends to take up more of the stocking than candy does, which means that you won’t have as much space to fill with sugary candy.


Chapstick comes in so many different flavors, and can be fun for your kids to try to put on. With flavors ranging from mint to berries to the candy you’re avoiding putting in their stocking, there are plenty of flavors out there to wow your kids and leave them with moisturized lips and a happy smile.

A new water bottle

We all know how important a sufficient water intake is to maintaining a healthy smile. One of the best ways to motivate your kids to drink more water, is to give them a fun new water bottle that they can carry around with them throughout the day.

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