Electric Toothbrushes: Dental Care Made Fun for Children

Let’s face it—getting children excited about dental hygiene is incredibly difficult. But have you considered what might just be the perfect solution to the daily battle that it is getting your children to brush their teeth? Electric toothbrushes not only make a thorough mouth cleaning easier than ever, but they also offer the added advantage of turning teeth brushing into a fun activity—which is especially important when working on dental hygiene with your children.

While these toothbrushes are definitely an investment, especially when considering that they involve replaceable heads and possibly batteries, the peace of mind they offer when it comes to your children’s dental care may make them well worth the money. Here are a few added reasons why it’s a great idea to make the switch from manual toothbrushes to their electric counterparts for your children:

A Variety of Fun Options

You may have noticed the steady increase in children’s electric toothbrushes lining the shelves of the dental care aisle at your local grocery store. Now, more than ever before, children can have electric toothbrushes featuring their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters.

Gentler Options for Younger Children

One concern that parents may have surrounding electric toothbrushes for children is whether or not they are gentle enough for young teeth. But with the increase in aesthetic options also comes a larger range of electric toothbrushes available for younger age groups. You may be surprised to hear that electric toothbrushes for babies as young as six months are widespread on the market today.

Less Work for a Deep Clean

Opting for the manual toothbrush’s electric counterpart means putting in a whole lot less elbow grease during the tooth brushing process. Generally all using one requires is holding the toothbrush at the proper angle and slowly placing the rotating head over each tooth in the mouth. This is a major plus with children, as it can be difficult getting them to be thorough with their teeth brushing.

Built-In Timers

This is perhaps the most beneficial feature of all—a built-in timer to help children brush their teeth for the recommended amount of time. Most built-in timers on electric toothbrushes run for about two minutes, and some electric toothbrushes for children will even play music to help make the teeth brushing experience even more enjoyable. Just add a fun flavored toothpaste, and you have the makings for a morning and nighttime routine that both you and your children can look forward to.

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