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Excellent Experience Every Time

Doctor Jensen is an amazing children’s dentist and his staff are amazing too. With our children having autism, we were worried about their tendency to panic. The staff bent over backwards to make friends with the kids and help them feel comfortable. Our kids actually look forward to going to the dentist!

Christian Gibbs

Caring And Helpful

We have been going to Dr. Jensen, a Salt Lake City pediatric dentist, for at least 5 years. Last time, both of my daughters had cavities which needed to be taken care of. He and his nurses gave them a bit of gas to calm them down and then put the numbing agent on their tooth before he gave them a shot. He let me be with both of them during the entire procedure and explained to both of my daughters and myself what was going on. (One of my daughters needs to know every little thing that is happening.) Did my daughter cry? One of them did, a bit, because no matter how much numbing agent is administered…there will always be a little pinch. Alot of the fear of the dentist is physiological and Dr. Jensen did not belittle this fear. He was patient and gentle and he did a good job. We have never had any problems with the work that he has done. He made sure that they were numb before he started actually working on the tooth.


Great Dentist

We have been going to Dr. Jensenfor the past 7 years — he does a fantastic job with my daughter! She has very sensitive teeth and gums and he always works with her to calm her down and numb her as much as he can. He even called me after her last procedure where she needed so much anesthesia to make sure she was okay; he was very concerned. The staff is always very kind and helpful with insurance and payments. I would recommend Dr. Jensen to anybody!


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